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  • Cloud PBX Systems

    WAVE.BAND’s Cloud PBX systems utilize the latest technology in business voice services, providing a worry-free system that improves productivity and makes managing your communications operation as smooth as possible.

    Our Hosted PBX Service saves you money and simplify’ s your communications with all the latest features:

    Unlimited Calling:  We include unlimited local and long distance calling to all of our plans.

    No equipment to buy or maintain: By leasing equipment, you remove the cost and hassle of maintaining a phone system.

    We grow with your business: Pay for only what you need. Add new phones as you expand your business.

    Phones Stay Up - if you go down: Access all of your phone services, even during emergencies and power outages, through our iPhone mobile application.

  • Call Center Services

    With our Customer Interaction Solutions, you have access to a portfolio of applications that enhance your customer service in a cost-efficient way.

    Example vertical markets that use Contact Center today are:

    Health Care: centralized patient services & 
 private practices

    Government & Public Sector: local, state, & federal 
 facilities with centralized service locations

    Financial: customer & membership services

    Insurance: policy management & customer services

    Utilities: billing services & customer services

    Retail: centralized ordering & customer service 

    Education: human resources & educator services

    Transportation: dispatch & operator services

  • Hosted IVR System

    From automated phone features to innovative IVR to hosted call centers, we provide a customer experience solution to increase customer satisfaction while improving your bottom line.


    Customer Service Automation

    Telephone and Web Surveys

    Outbound Alerts

    Store Locator

    Payment and Merchant Processing

    Credit Card Balance Inquiry

    Direct Response

    Inventory Management

    Collections and Notifications

    Remote Workforce Management

    After hours call processing for 24 X 7 sales force

  • SIP Trunking Service

    For companies looking to re-use their existing telephones for voice services, we offer a complete SIP phone service that allows enterprises to eliminate costly hardware and drastically reduce monthly charges.

  • SD-WAN

    WAVE.BAND’s SD-WAN solution is for any organization that needs high quality voice.

    What does our SD-WAN solution do?:

    It optimizes voice traffic and reduces degradation of voice quality through the creation and transmission of duplicate packets over a specialized route that is intended to reduce packet loss.

    It works to optimize your voice and data traffic within your organization and across the multiple networks you use. It also monitors the usage of your bandwidth across both your voice and data traffic and allocates bandwidth as necessary (based on policy & priority you can set) in order to ensure that you are getting the best quality and not wasting bandwidth.

  • Managed IT Services

    Managed IT solutions includes monitoring of hundreds of premise and customer routers in support of our infrastructure and internal networks.
  • Business Internet

    Dedicated, privately managed fiber optic Internet network with bandwidth levels from 10M - 10000M (10G).

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