Contact Center customer engagement solution

WAVE.BAND’s Contact Center provides your company with a powerful and flexible set of tools to enhance the customer engagement experience for any contact style including voice, text (SMS), or chat. This solution empowers your agent with instant information on their desktop about the caller which boosts human engagement, increases First Contact Resolutions (FCR), and decreases call times.

Contact Center reduces overhead by helping your supervisors and agents manage resources more efficiently without sacrificing customer satisfaction. It offers a customizable experience for both administrators and agents including dashboards, reports, and screen pops with database integration. Contact Center also integrates with nearly all platforms (PBX) and databases and can be deployed as a standalone cloud offering.

Your organization can utilize Contact Center for a number of customer engagements, the most prevalent being customer service, outbound sales, technical support, and inbound sales orders. You can implement Contact Center as simply as a small call center with voice only interactions, or as a fully featured, omni-channel call center incorporating voice, live web chat, SMS, email, IVR, custom CRM integration, and more. Contact Center can scale from 5 agents to 1,000+ with any or all of the features implemented. In short, you can use Contact Center in any way that best supports your organization’s needs.

Example vertical markets that use Contact Center today are:

Health Care: centralized patient services & 
 private practices

Government & Public Sector: local, state, & federal 
 facilities with centralized service locations

Financial: customer & membership services

Insurance: policy management & customer services

Utilities: billing services & customer services

Retail: centralized ordering & customer service 

Education: human resources & educator services

Transportation: dispatch & operator services

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