For most companies, the data on their systems is one of their most valuable assets and protecting those assets is what WAVE.BAND Cloud Backup is designed to do.

WAVE.BAND’s offsite data backup is the perfect complement to your onsite data backup solution. Storing critical data offsite helps protect you from the risk of data loss from hardware failure, natural disasters, and human error.

100% of data loss problems can be solved with proper data backup. Data backup entails saving copies of your important files to a separate hard drive than the original, or having software that will transfer it to an off-site data company. There are software programs to back up data to an external hard drive and others that backup data on an Internet server. A technician can install a program on your computer to back up your data in the background, without any interference or attention from you.

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  • Our company switched our internet service WAVE.BAND and we couldn't be more satisfied with the customer service and internet speeds. We appreciate the speed of installation, professionalism and the prices.Could be more satisfied!

– Jean P.