Unified Commuications – SMS Texting

Unified Commuications – SMS Texting

Authored: August 4, 2021

Unified Communications SMS

Summary – SMS Texting

Boost business efficiency by making the most of WAVE.BAND’s unified communications solution, combining SMS texting, video, and chat for business with our VoIP phone system

Unified Communications

Get the most out of WAVE.BAND’s Unified Communications Platform by combining SMS texting, video, and chat, just to name a few as a Powerful UCaaS Solution

WAVE.BAND customers can now enjoy new added features to their voice accounts. In addition to our leading next-gen VoIP phone system, WAVE.BAND now includes expanded features including business SMS Texting, instant messaging, video, chat and muchmore. These new unified communications tools are integrated with each other, allowing for ease of collaboration between your remote, hybrid and in-office teams not to mention your customers – no matter where they may be located.

By combining these collaboration features into our existing business VoIP communications services, we’ve made it easy for your teams to continue to operate at peak efficiency and productivity no matter where they’re working from or what may happen in the future. You can say that these new features are ‘future-proof’. So, no matter where you are or what device you’re using, WAVE.BAND has simplified the way your staff communicates and collaborates.

Let’s run through one of our favorite features and that’s the SMS Texting that works in tandem with all our unified communications features to maximize the value you get from WAVE.BAND voice services.

SMS Text

SMS opens an essential communication channel using your business phone number. In an increasingly mobile world, businesses need convenient and quick ways to connect and communicate with customers. Customers’ preference for using text messages to contact businesses is growing rapidly, and SMS opens up an essential communication channel using your business phone number your business’ correspondence is securely recorded, making it effortless to locate important information without it being necessary for any individual to keep detailed notes of their own.

Four key benefits of the SMS Text feature within our unified communications platform.

Send/Receive Text Messages from Anywhere: 

Text messages can be sent or read from the [Company Name] browser client and mobile app (with support for the Desktop app coming soon), making customer and employee interactions fast, easy and efficient. SMS has become one of the most expected and preferred communication channels for customers and businesses nationwide and globally.

Privacy and Professionalism

Rather than using or displaying an employee’s personal phone number, SMS displays a business number, enhancing professionalism while also protecting private contact info.

Data Protection & Communication Continuity at All Times

Keeping employees’ business communication tied to the business phone rather than a personal number ensures any/all necessary business stakeholders have full access to all messages and communication. This protects a business from losing data and message history when employees resign unexpectedly, accidentally delete messages, and it enables interactions to be monitored for quality assurance.

Ongoing and Historical Message History

A user’s full SMS message history is easily accessible, an important feature for ensuring critical conversations and important data are never lost.

Who Can Benefit From SMS?

In a word — everybody. Employees, customers, managers, business owners — anybody with a vested interest in communicating more quickly, more productively, and more conveniently will love using SMS.

Expectations for fast responses and quick turnaround times are rapidly increasing and Unified Communications SMS addresses the demand for instant gratification. Remote workers and customers increasingly “on-the-go” make the ability to interact and collaborate from anywhere critically important. SMS makes productive real-time communication possible and allows customers to engage with a business how, where and when they want. It’s easy to use SMS; no additional apps or software needed. Simply log into the browser client or pop into the mobile app to take multitasking and productivity to new heights,


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